Abyss Web Server X1


A lightweight but powerful web server


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Although Apache is one of the best existing web servers, if for whatever reason you prefer to use something else, Abyss Web Server X1 is an excellent alternative to host pages through a local network or the Internet.

Thanks to Abyss Web Server X1, any user can remotely access content hosted on the computer, be it webpages, music, movies, etc.

Some of the technologies supported by this web server include: overwriting URLs, personalized error pages, Unicode, secure connections through SSL or TLS, script languages (CGI and fast CGI, ASP.NET native, ISAPI).

Functions to control access to the server, anti-hacking security tools and an anti-crash protection system also form a part of this server.


There is a commercial version of the program, called Abyss Web Server X2, which includes functions not available in the free version, like Virtual Hosting and support for Dual Host.
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